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Lies 1999


Year: 1999
Directed: Jang Sun-wu
Produced: Shin Chul
Written: Jang Jung-il (novel)
        Jang Sun-wu (screenplay)
Genre: Drama/ Erotic/ Sex...
Runtime: 111 mins.
Country: Korean
Rating: Limited/ 18/ R
Language: Korean
Subtitles: Englsih (.srt)
IMDb Link......: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0208995/ 5.5/10
Han Cinema: http://www.hancinema.net/korean_movie_Lies.php 7.95/10


Lee Sang-hyun
Kim Tae-yeon

Synopsis / Plot

Gojitmal (??“?, English-title: Lies) is a controversial 1999 South Korean film depicting a sadomasochistic sexual relationship between a 38-year-old sculptor and an 18-year-old high school student. 
It was the debut film for both of its stars; Lee Sang-hyun is a sculptor and Kim Tae-yeon, a fashion model. The film was adapted from a South Korean novel by Jang Jung-il that was banned immediately after publication in 1996 and earned the author several months in prison;
director Jang Sun-wu had previously filmed one of Jang's novels. Excerpts from interviews with the author and cast are sometimes inserted between scenes.

Y is an 18-year-old college student looking for something new in terms of sex. 
Since both of her sisters experienced their first sex as victims of rape, she is determined to lose her virginity with a man of her choice. 
And that choice is J, a married 38-year-old sculptor. The beginnings seem nice and innocent despite the fact that the guy is twice as old as her and married. 
But soon, their happy sex life starts to take a turn for the sadomasochistic. It starts with small twigs and soon develops into steel rods and broom handles. 
And when J tries to leave his wife, Y, threatens to end it all with him. Can they close this chapter to their lives with a smile or with death? 

Some call this the Korean version of Last Tango in Paris while others call it disgusting filth.

This film was once banned in Korea.

File/vidoe technical info

Source...............: DVD5-unknown, ADC
Ripper...............: avb3b

File Format..........: AVI
Codec................: XviD
Resolution...........: 720x400
Frame Rate......: 23.97 fps

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