I lost some motivation in running the site, so probably there won't be so many updates in a while...eh.
You can still find me on Facebook and the forum with your requestsm those will be fullfilled :)

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Welcome To Asian Must Have!

Thank you for visiting the website. Below are some faq's that you might be interested in reading.

How Can I Download?

1. Click on any of the download links provided in the post you have chosen. This can be either named as "download" or if split into different parts, it will be called "part 1" and so on.

2. You will then be redirected to another page, where a countdown from 5 seconds will be visible on top of the page to the right. Eventually, you will see the "skip ad" button which you click on. NOTE! You can only open one at a time. If you open more than one download link, you will get the page below.

This only means that you have to wait until the first link you opened, has finished it's countdown. When the countdown is finished, a "click to continue" button will appear which you click on.

3. After clicking on the "skip ad" button, it will direct you to the downloading page. The link may very from time to time but here is how it looks like for RAPIDSHARE. Just click on the "download" button and the downloading starts. NOTE! Some host sites might have download limitations if you don't have a premium account, ergo you have to wait one hour to download the next link. RAPIDSHARE is NOT one of them, but again, the download links may differ later on.

You might think that this is very inconvenient but the ad links keep this website going :-)

How To Extract Files (If Split Into Multiple Files)

If the media has been split into more than one file (example .part2, .part3), then that it means you are required to download all the files to be able to extract them. We use WinRar to archive our files and this is available for free downloading - click here. Once you have download all parts, just right click on the file and choose "extract file". Then write the password provided in the post.

What File Types Do We Upload?

As long as you have codecs installed on your pc, you can play the movies we upload here. The common file types would be AVI, MKV, MPEG, RMVB and MP4. All of them are playable with the correct codecs installed. Codecs you can find here - download for free.

How Do I Report Dead Links?

Simple, just leave a comment on the post and we will reupload the links as soon as possible.

What Is The Password?

Each file that is uploaded, will be password protected. The password is always written in the post, if not then you may notify us by leaving a comment. This is to protect people from stealing the links (maybe even earning money from it) and the password will always be something in relation to this website.

Can I make Requests?

Of course you are always welcome to come up with requests but even we are limited to what media we can upload. BUT feel free to request :-)

Can The Links Be Taken Out From The Site?

Links can be taken out BUT THE ADFLY LINK MUST BE ADDED! We have spent so much time uploading these files and it's NOT acceptable that others will earn money out of it. Kindly also credit our website for the uploads.

Say Your Thanks

We appreciate you downloading from the site but kindly give your thanks. If we see a lot of responses to our uploads, this motivates us and will keep on sharing medias with you. Don't be a leacher, say your thanks now and then :-)

Rude Comments

Nobody said you are not allowed to express your opinions but leaving rude comments is not a motivation for us to keep this site going. We are doing this because we want to share Asian medias and we are doing this during our spare time. If you are unhappy about something on this website, you always have google search ;-) Like all media websites, we don't welcome rude guests.



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