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Human Pork Chop 2001

Human.Pork.Chop.2001.DVDRip.XviD [CAT III]

                           Human Pork Chop
Aka: Peng shi zhi sang jin tian liang
Year: 2001
Directed: Bennie Chan
Genre.: Crime / Horror
Runtime:  1:27:41
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: English (Hardcoded)
Cast: Wayne Lai, Emily Kwan, Amanda Lee, Helena Law, Yip Sai Wing
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0299088/ 

Synopsis / Plot / Review

A throwback to Hong Kong Cinema's notorious Category III chillers like The Untold Story, Human Pork Chop possesses enough sick thrills and dark humor to intrigue fans of the notorious Hong Kong genre. Based on a sensational real life criminal case, the film tells the tale of Grace Li (Emily Kwan), a prostitute who was killed by her pimp Wayne Lai, and subsequently tortured and dismembered. The signature detail of the crime - a human skull hidden inside an incredibly cute stuffed animal (HELLO KITTY) - is presented here, along with the chilling moments leading up to the discovery of Grace Li's body, including lots of grisly gore and the stomach-churning sight of the perpetrators actually carrying out the crime. Director Bennie Chan spares nobody in his quest to bring graphic images of human horror and media-hyped sickness to the Hong Kong screen. Co-starring Amanda Lee and Luo Lan, this film is most definitely not for the weak-of-heart. However, viewers with the inclination - and the iron-cast stomach - for such elaborate displays of degradation may find what they're looking for in Human Pork Chop!. The real life case also inspired another film called There is a Secret in My Soup. -yesasia

File Info

Group/Ripper.:  ???? 
File     :  699 MB (699 MB),  duration: 1:27:41,  type: AVI,  1 audio stream(s),
Video :  618 MB,  986 Kbps,  23.976 fps,  624*336 (16:9),  XVID = XVID Mpeg-4,
Audio :  80 MB,  128 Kbps,  48000 Hz,  2 channels,  0x55 = Lame MP3,  CBR,


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