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Design Of Death 2012


 Title Design Of Death
◎ Year 2012
◎ country home China
The ◎ categories horror / comedy
◎ language Mandarin
◎ Subtitles Chinese / English
◎ IMDB score N / A
◎ IMDB link N / A
◎ file format of X264 + AC3,
◎ Video size to 1280 x 564
◎ file size 1CD 778MB
◎ Runtime 109 Mins
◎ Directed by Guan Hu Hu Guan,
◎ Starring Huang Bo Bo Huang cattle are strong
Simon Yam Simon Yam, the doctor, "I"
Yu Nan Nan Yu Ma widow
Alec by Alec Su longevity cattle town doctors
Ma Jing Wu Jingwu Ma longevity town mayor
Liang Jing Jing Liang longevity town midwife
Wang Xun Xun Wang longevity town painter
Southwest China, isolated, surrounded by mountains in the stockade, the individual both longevity and rules into the ground, Qing emperor Ciming longevity town. One day suddenly burst infectious diseases, local officials sent a doctor (Simon Yam) go to treatment, he
Strong cattle dying in the town (ornaments), Huang Bo. Into the camp, past good-natured villagers uncharacteristically, not only refused to cow strong Shi help to avoid if the plague, more angry with the doctor nosy old mayor (Ma Jing Wu ornaments) personally took a long
Obstruct the doctors the Shou town doctor (Alec ornaments) and midwives (Static ornaments), painter, the old patriarch, who do everything in sturdy cattle rescue cattle solid ultimately not be saved, doctors can not find reasons for the sudden death of this person. Town of physicians
Does not welcome non-cooperative attitude, so that the doctors are very depressed, just as he prepared to leave, accidentally discovered a secret of the town people with hidden in the cliff, with many puzzled doctors decided to secretly visited the longevity of the town, until he occasional
A boy, longevity town fans the truth of the case was a step by step to reveal the. ..
The film is adapted from the novella of the Chen Tiejun Design death ".


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