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Mr and Mrs. Gambler 2012


Mr and Mrs Gambler

A.K.A: Lan Du Fu Dou Lan Du Qi
IMDB LINK: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2308797/
Cast: Chapman To Man-Chat, Fiona Sit Hoi-Kei, Law Kar-Ying, Wen Chao, Harriet Yeung Sze-Man, Michelle Hu, Philip Ng Won-Lung, Bonnie Wong Man-Wai
Directed: Jing Wong
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 100 mins 21 seconds
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese | Mandarin (Dual Audio)
Subtitles: ENGLISH

Manfred and Flora are degenerate gamblers who can gamble on anything 24 hours a day seven days a week. Though they have come across each other a few times at the casino, they have not left any lasting impression upon each other.
On that fateful day when both of them lost their jobs and abandoned by their lovers, they went to gamble at the casinos in Macau. Coincidentally, they both suffered heavy losses and were held hostage by the loan sharks. It was then they fell in love with each other. When they finally secure their freedom, they return to Hong Kong and live together.
While they started living together, their luck turns. They keep on winning until Flora is pregnant; they then decide to get married. However, before the wedding banquet is held, both of them cannot shake off their gambling addiction and lose their whole fortune. Their parents have to pay for their wedding finally.
With the birth of their daughter “Lucky”, Manfred and Flora consider quitting their gambling habits, but all their efforts were in vain. Instead they are debt ridden to such an extent they decide to end their lives. They buy a Mark Six ticket with their last ten dollars, and like a miracle, they win the first prize totalling over $100 million. However, they decide to split the money and have a divorce after all.

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