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A Chinese Fairy Tale 2011


Movie: A Chinese Fairy Tale / A Chinese Ghost Story
Chinese: 倩女幽魂 (Sien nui yau wan)
Director: Wilson Yip
Writer: Cheung Tan
Cinematographer: Arthur Wong
Release Date: April 22, 2011
Runtime: 98 min.
Language: Mandarin
Country: China
Imdb link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1861421/
Liu Yifei as Nie Xiaoqian (聶小倩)
Louis Koo as Yan Chixia (燕赤霞)
Yu Shaoqun as Ning Caichen (寧采臣)
Kara Hui as Tree Demon (樹妖)
Elvis Tsui as the village chief (村長)
Louis Fan as Xia Xuefenglei (夏雪風雷)
Gong Xinliang as Green Snake (青蛇)
Wang Danyi Li as Xia Bing (夏冰)
Lin Peng as White Snake (白蛇)
Li Jing as Iron Teeth (鐵牙)
Yan Chixia (Louis Koo) is a demon slayer in training who takes upon a journey ordered by his master. His goal is to rid a temple located in the Black Mountain of ghosts who perpetually haunts the shrine. Nie Xiaoqian (Yifei Liu) is a ghost with her spirit trapped by the tree monster. One day Yan Chizia and Nie Xiaoqian meet and fall in love. Yan Chixia learns that their relationship is doomed and, consequently, erases her memory in a effort to avoid killing her. Meanwhile, Yan Chixia watches over Nie Xiaoqian from afar making sure trouble stays away.
Years later, the water in the village becomes dry and people are faced with an impending crisis. Ning Caichen (Shaoqun Yu), a public officer tasked with solving their problems, heads to the Black Mountain with some of the villagers to find water. The public officer then encounters Nie Ziaoqian. As the other ghosts attempt to possess the villagers, Nie Ziaoqian takes a genuine interest in Ning Caichen.



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