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My Way 2012


Title English: My Way (aka. D-Day)
Title Korean RR: Mai Wei
Title Hangul: 마이 웨이
Director: Kang Je-gyu
Writer: Kang Je-Gyu, Na Hyun, Kim Byung-In
Producers: Kang Je-Gyu, Jo Sung-Jin, Choi Jin-Hwa, Song Min-Kyu
Cinematographer: Lee Mo-Gae
Release Dates: December 21, 2011 (South Korea) / January 14, 2012 (Japan)
Running Time: 143 minutes (BluRay version)
Distributor: CJ E&M
Country: South Korea
Subtitles:  English
Budget: 28 billion won
Jang Dong-gun - Kim Joon-sik
Joe Odagiri - Tatsuo Hasegawa
Fan Bingbing
Kim In-kwon
Do Ji-han - young Joon-sik
Han Seung-hyun
In colonial era Seoul, 1938, two young men have had a strong sense of rivalry since they were young. Joon-sik (Jang Dong-gun) is a Korean man who dreams of following in the footsteps of Olympic marathon gold medal winner Sohn Kee-chung. Tatsuo (Joe Odagiri) is a top Japanese marathon runner and lived with Joon-sik as his family worked for Tatsuo';s as servants. They grew up as rivals representing their respective countries.
One day, Joon-sik falls into trouble and is conscripted into the Japanese army. One year later, Joon-sik faces Tatsuo who is now a captain for the Japanese Imperial Army. The two young men are now caught in World War II and go through countless battles starting from Nomonhan, stretching from China, the Soviet Union and Germany, while inspiring hope in each other.


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  1. your movie details is complete however please also post complete details about your file... because that's more important!

  2. Should it matter what kind of file it is? As long as you have codecs installed on your pc, you can play any file you want :-) I guess our FAQ's page didn't help?




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