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Art Museum by the Zoo

Art Museum by the Zoo

Art Museum by the Zoo 1998
A.K.A.: Misulgwan yup dongmulwon
User Rating: 7.1/10 (215 votes)
Plot Synopsis 

Director Lee Jung-hyang's debut is a delightfully sweet film. It has a quirky, understated pace, strong performances from Lee Sung-jae and Shim Eun-ha, involving characters, unusual plot developments, and an interesting soundtrack. If Christmas in August changed Korean melodrama forever, this film can be claimed as having considerably improved the country's outlook on romantic comedies.
Chun-hee (Shim Eun-ha) shoots wedding videos for a living, and secretly loves In-kong (Ahn Sung-ki), an assistant to a senator. He barely looks at her, but anytime she's in the proximity of the man, it's a nightmare. She can hardly speak and her awkward mannerisms are completely exposed. She knows it's an impossible love story, but keeps believing that one day he'll talk to her. Enter Chul-soo (Lee Sung-jae), a soldier on leave who is looking for his girlfriend Da-hye (Song Sun-mi). The only problem is, Chun-hee is now living in her old apartment, and Da-hye already made plans to get married with someone else. Chul-soo's world is shattered, but he at least develops a friendship with Chun-hee...(more at lovehkfilm.com)
Directed by: Lee Jung-hyang
Cast: Shim Eun-ha, Lee Sung-jae, Ahn Sung-ki, Song Sun-mi, Kim Kwang-il, Kim Sun-hee

County South Korea
Language Korean
Year 1998
Genre Romance/Comedy
Runtime 1hr49min

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